Learning to live

Learning to live

Every day a bit more,

Always from less to more ,

Always willing to learn

What one wants to know.

Learning each instant is very exciting

Know what life is

Is a sybarite pleasure .

Nothing is more enjoying

Than investigating our destiny

And nothing more exciting

Than guessing what is unreachable

Always thinking why ,

What will be to reach the hereafter

And come back to reality

To enjoy the pleasure of finding out

Is not easy at all ,

And to walk is difficult

Without falling .

! Alas short and ephemeral life

If I could see the passing by

If fighting is necessary

Or sit a see you going by !

! Alas odd and uncertain life,

That you don’ t want to reveal

The chance’s secrets!

! Alas life, my little life

Why don’ t want you give me the way out

To be able to fly !

Bea de Vivanco

Bea wrote this nice poem when she was 19 years old.

The poem is part of a book translate and It is registered in the intellectual property

Planetmediterraneo Magazine ha inagurado un nuevo espacio ( ver en la sección de libros) para la poesía para adultos y niños . Si os apetece podéis enviar la poesía que habéis escrito que más os ha gustado como ha hecho nuestra amiga y lectora Bea de Vivanco.

La poesia puede ser escrita en cualquier idioma . Si es posible añadir de qué ciudad y país sois. Muchas gracias y esperamos con mucha ilusión vuestras bonitas poesías.

Enviarla a este correo : planetmediterraneo@yahoo.es

Planetmediterraneo Magazine has opened a space ( see in the book section ) for poetry for adult and children and if you like you can send us the favorite poetry that you have written like our friend and reader Bea de Vivanco. You can write it in any other language . If you wish , your can add as well the city and country that you are from. Many thanks and we are really looking forward to receive your poetry.

You can send it to : planetmediterraneo@yahoo.es

The poem is part of a book translate and It is registered in the intellectual property .

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