Marc Jacobs opened in Paris with an opening party

Following it’s launch in June of 2019, The Marc Jacobs – the new line from Marc Jacobs International – is opening in Paris’ Le Marais neighborhood. Located at 30 rue des Archives, the store will offer the full range of items across all product categories. The new line celebrates the eclectic and individual approach to getting dressed. “We wanted to do something that is unlike the collections we are already doing, in that it is more ‘item-y.’” said Jacobs.
Drawing from the periods, music, art and pop culture that have always inspired, classic silhouettes, true to the spirit of Marc Jacobs, will be reinterpreted with each season creating an on-going and on-growing wardrobe of items. Key collaborations, including the classic Peanuts cartoons, as well as with British artist Magda Archer, are highlights.
75004 PARIS

LUNDI – SAMEDI: 11:00 – 19:30 / DIMANCHE: 12:00 – 19:00

TEL: 01 44 50 23 65

Text and photos by : Press Office

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